Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Woo Hoo, Gotta Love Air Miles!

Well today on my lunch break I took a chance and called the air miles partner desk to take my first stab at next year's vacation. DH and I have it worked out that we charge everything to our air miles VISA, and every few years we can go somewhere really fun. A few years back it was Italy. This time its off to the United Kingdom! Believe it or not, I got tickets on the first try. We have 3 weeks in Europe, and I even got weekend flights to boot!
So now the fun planning begins. I stopped by the library today and picked up some travel guides. We go in and out of Heathrow, but what we do for the 3 weeks is up to us. I suspect we'll try to spend the last week in London proper and rent an apartment. Now that we are a family of 5 apartments often make more sense then hotels. Most hotels can't accomodate us quite frankly.
I think we'll probably get a britrail pass and take the train most everywhere. It is so much easier then lugging car seats around and trying to find rental cars that are large enough to accomodate us.
If you are reading this and you have an opinion, what should we do with our 3 weeks? Leave me comments or send me an email :)
Speaking of vacations, tomorrow the house sitter comes and we are off to a week on the ocean. I'm not sure what internet access will look like from there, as it is a small town without much in the way of cell service and what not. I'll post if I can. This will be both Emma and Boo's first time to see an ocean. It should be a kick!
Happy blogging everyone and a Happy 4th of July!

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Robin said...

Ooh, 3 weeks in Europe, and on air miles at that! Sounds devine!

You could easily get up to Scotland, or cross over to France, or just stay in England, or... Ooh, and you'd have to see Jo, too!

For rentals, I've done well renting villas from http://www.holiday-rentals.co.uk/. I've used them in France mainly, but they're a UK-based outfit so they should have plenty to offer there as well. On that long a trip renting a villa with a pool in the middle of the trip might be a great way to mix things up a bit and have some easy down-time when needed :). And I couldn't agree more, with little kids along it's MUCH easier to have a house/apt to spread out in!

I love the way you're already planning the next trip before leaving on this one. That's the way I like to do things too LOL. Have a great time at the beach!