Friday, July 13, 2007

Fantastic Friday

I thought that would be a good title. Nothing particularly exciting happened today other then it ended the world's shortest work week (2 days) You gotta love that.
In about 56 hours I turn 41 - that is pretty exciting. As usual I've been pretty introspective the last few weeks, considering what I want to do differently, what I like about what I've become. One thing I've realized is that I want to be a better wife. I saw on a website about the book, 'The Power of the Praying Wife' and I started reading it. It has really given me a great deal to think about.
I have realized over the last few months that I entertain people sometimes at the expense of others. It is an easy habit to get into the mode of not speaking in a completly loving manner about the ones you love sometimes - when they frustrate you, when you are making a joke about how 'men always do' this or that. The truth is, it colors how I view our relationship, and for that reason I've decided to stop. I've married a really terrific guy, and so I should let people know that.
I'm also giddy because Monday night I've scheduled a babysitter after work. My best girlfriend and I are sneaking out for dessert and a pedicure. I'm so far behind on pedicures, the thought of it is simply lovely!
I went out tonight and bought some plastic bins so I can start sorting and boxing more of the kids clothes. I buy way ahead and so I end up with piles of clothing in different sizes. I've been stuffing them in the girls' room since the girls aren't in it yet, but now that I want Emma to move into her own room, I need to clear it out. This weekend's project is to get some of that stuff boxed and put away.
I'll try to add more beach pictures too this weekend, so stay tuned!

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