Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Jog a Thon

Today was the annual Crest Drive Elementary School Jog A Thon. Every year the entire student body collects pledges and then sees how many times they can run around the track in an hour. Its a big deal, and really fun to watch.
the kids are bussed over to the high school. Then they all go into the bleechers where they chant "Jog A Thon" as loudly as possible over and over. Then they file out to the track, line up at the start line and they are off!

Each kid finds the 'table' for their teacher, and they collect a colored straw in a plastic baggie that they carry for each lap that they make. At the end we total up straws and write down what they accomplished.

This year Emma and I worked Ms. Stewarts' table with another mother. Emma made one lap. It was FREEZING COLD - a little over 40 degrees and foggy when we started. Somehow the kids were still all excited about the popsicles at the end!
Jakey made 14 laps, or 3.5 miles in his hour. Violet was right behind him with 13 laps (3.25 miles) They did great. Only one other kid in their class beat them.
Of course the down side is that as we sat there, Emma's cold got worse and worse. Her eyes gooped up, her throat got sore-er, and she was toast by the time we were done. A good 4 hour nap when we got home and all was right for Emma (oh to be so young that you can sleep off a cold in half a day!)
Tired kids crashed early tonight.