Saturday, July 28, 2007

Weekends, Pirates Hospitals and Craig's List

How is that for a title? It is Saturday, and the family is asleep except for me. Funny how that works as I am probably the one who needs it the most. Oh well, life as a wife, its a glamerous job but someone has to do it!
Picked up dh at the hospital this morning after dropping Boo off at the groomers. Brought him home and then my fabulous friend offered to take Vi for a few hours to play with her daughter. So I am one kid down (yeah!) Put one coat of paint on the upper portion of Jakey's room, hope to have it done by Tuesday. Below are some pics of our 'inspiration room' from Disney - Jake is going for a pirate theme.

Now I do have one complaint on this. Notice the bed. It is pretty cute, right? The Disney directions talk as if anyone can purchase a boat bed, and then just paint it black.
After expensive searching I can assure you that Pottery Barn's $1200 bed is the only one I can find. Disney made a very nice $2,000 pirate ship bed, but I can't see spending very much on something that may yet be another short phase that may not last.
So far we have got the upper blue on 3 walls. It is going to take a few coats as it is such a dark color. Jakey sat on his bed and watched me, it was great.
The other good thing that happened is that Friday a family came over after seeing my note on craigslist. We tore out our old deck and have been replacing it with trex. We had a huge pile of old lumber, so my friend said, 'put it on craigslist.' Sureenough, someone actually wanted it and came and hauled it off! One chore done and no sweat.
Still need to work out, go grocery shopping and beat the sinus infection. Tried yoga stretches the last few nights and it seems to help the back...


Mahala said...

That is one awesome bed! Do we get to see pictures of the finished product?

amy said...

Cant wait to see the pictures..YOu are one busy family