Saturday, July 21, 2007

Don't Ya Just Hate It When...

I've been tagged by my friend Robin for a 'Don't Ya Just Hate It When" 8. That should be easy, plenty of things bug me :)

1. The grocery store all week long has had signs up that say, 'Harry Potter available July 21 at midnight.' When you drive over there at midnight it turns out that they only got SIX copies of the book - who gets six copies? That isn't even a case?

2. Someone cuts in front of you and takes the parking spot you've been waiting for.

3. You go to a playground and another mother is so busy talking that she can't see her kid either risking life and limb or being mean to someone else.

4. Your hubby, who spends every waking moment reading or fooling with his palm pilot, complains that you are on the computer too much (totally blind to how often he is on the computer)

5. You get the house spotless and the dog finds a crayon and chews it up on the carpet

6. You get in what appears to be the shortest line at the grocery store and of course the person in front has chosen an item with no price. To add to complication, the clerk can't find anyone to go check the price.

7. You make big plans to move beds around and move the kids bedrooms and your back goes out.

8. You do a big project at work only to have the people who asked for it decide they didn't need it!


Robin said...

Ooh, that supermarket checkout stall thing burns me up too (see my own list LOL).

Hope your back is feeling better today.

amy said...

Great list..New to your blog..Have a nice day!