Friday, July 13, 2007

The Thursday Thirteen ( a day late)

Thirteen Things about Our Beach Vacation

1. We had beautiful weather for all 8 days! (a miracle on the Oregon coast)
2. Boo experienced his first time in the ocean. It makes him bounce!
3. Emma saw the ocean for the first time and loved it
4. We had a great time planning our trip to Europe
5. The kids and I had slumber parties most nights where we put on our PJs early and watched a movie
6. We went to two aquariums
7. We played on the beach and built great sandcastles
8. We spent many lazy days watching the surf and just being a family
9. The rental house didn't look like much in pictures, but they had just redone it inside
10. It had a dishwasher (yeah!)
11. The kids petted a cockatoo (two houses down had 2 of them)
12. We collected lots of seashells
13. I got to sleep in until almost noon one day!

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Leah said...

What a great time to spend with the family. Having fun and lazing under the sun by the beach is my kind of summer days too.

Robin said...

What a perfect vacation. So glad you had a great time.