Thursday, July 26, 2007

What a week!

This week has been a challenge, and it is only Thursday! I have a charming sinus infection (the doctor says its chronic, lovely!) and my back went out over the weekend. I tried to work Monday but the back pain was too much so I went over and got an emergency massage :) Tuesday I drove Glenn to the hospital and spent the night worrying that something awful was going on. It turned out to be stomach flu, but Tuesday night they thought it could be something very terribly wrong with his insides and scared me to death. The rest of the Powell family spent the night piled in my bed wishing they would call with better news.
Wednesday I woke up and called the hospital, only to find out that he was in the Intensive Care Unit. After some discussion it was revealed that he was there because there were no beds available on the regular floor, but for a few moments my fear went up about 100%.
It is Thursday, and I'm hoping for a break! I sat all day at the hospital yesterday hoping to catch a doctor. My back and hospital chairs are NOT friends. Finally scooted out at 4 and did a quick retail therapy run to the Dollar Store. Then home to collect kids and wait for news from the hospital. Turns out they released him and so I drug 3 tired somewhat cranky crying children over to the hospital to pick him up.
This weekend is quiet. Hopefully someone will purchase the spare bed, we can paint Jakey's room, and Boo the dog will get a bath. Fingers crossed that the evil stomach flu doesn't hit the rest of the familiy!


amy said...

Girl, you are busy..Praying for all of you!

Robin said...

How is Glenn doing today? I hope life settles way down for you, you've had more than your fair share this week.