Thursday, June 12, 2008

Where or where has my summer gone?

It is Thursday. It is 36 degrees. What is up with our weather? They say that today we'll get to the mid-70s, but I have my doubts!
This week lots of activity around the house. They are painting the exterior, so I can't go out any of the rear doors as everything is taped shut. The sprinkler guys finished last week, and so now all my exterior plants should be in great shape.
Today the kids go to a Pen Pal picnic. They have been corresponding with kids from another local school, and today after a year of writing they get to meet. After work we all pile in the car and drive to the school for the annual carnival.
Next week the twins finish kindergarten, it seems so wild. They have no school Friday and only 2 days next week, and then they are free for the summer. The year has just flown by, its hard to believe.
Yesterday was an odd day for us too, as we got an unusual email. When I got to work I had an email from our adoption agency, the one that two years ago helped us unite with our youngest, Emma.
At the time we made a conscious decision to get out of the NSN line as the wait time for Chinese adoption was horrible and stretching further. We started looking on special needs list and switched, having approval from our agency for Emma around Mother's Day and receiving approval from China on my 40th birthday.
Well, it seems that they forgot to remove us from the list of people whose dossier went over in late January to China. So yesterday, they sent out an email to everyone who was on that list to let them know about any updates they needed to do since referrals for that group should come out in July. That means that the people in my group who didn't switch waited 30 months - 30! I can't imagine having not had Emma for the last 2 years. What a heartache. As she sits here leaning her little head on my shoulder and smiling at me, I know we did the right thing. An early contratulations to all those Moms and Dads who did decide to wait it out!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

This is June?

IT is COLD outside, what is up with that? It is june, and we are raining and cold. Not much to talk about lately. We are having sprinklers installed this week at the house and so my yard is all torn up. DH picked up the boat last night, so this weekend maybe I can post entertaining stories about our first voyage out. Hopefully it won't be too hard, we've never launched a boat before so I'm sure if nothing else it will add to our humility.
Back to working out. Just about got rid of the 5 pounds I put on during the weeks before the trip and the weeks we were gone. Want to get rid of lots more.
The kids had an awards assembly today, and Jakey got 'Academic Excellence' award and Vi got a'Respect' award. I'm so proud of them.
Vi is trying to decide if she is ready to do the recital she has next week. It will mean 3 hours of rehersal Monday and 3 more hours Wednesday and a 3 hour performance (mostly waiting in the wings) Friday night. I kinda wnat her to skip it, but of course I can't tell her no. She HATES performing, so I don't see this ending well and I don't really want to spend 9 hours of my life next week waiting on this. Bad Mommy.
More soon.