Saturday, July 14, 2007

10 years ago today...

I met you nervously in person for the first time. You were waiting for me, carrying a single red rose. We ate dinner and we talked. We laughed. We went for a long walk and talked about the things that were important to us. Within a few short weeks I knew you were 'the one'.

Nine years ago I was the walking wounded. My Dad had died, your Dad had died, and within a few months my Mom would die too. You held us both together when it didn't seem like anything could.

Eight years ago we put on our best clothes and drove to church. We rewnewed our vows, in our own church, with only our pastor and a youth pastor as witness.

Seven years ago we had done our first IVF and it failed. I held in the tears after holding our first grandchild till I made it out to the car, and then we held each other and cried and cried like our hearts would never mend.

Six years ago we were in Portland, on a dinner cruise with our fingers crossed. Earlier in the day we'd transfered the embies that eventually turned into our beautiful twins.

Five years ago we were in awe of the two amazing lives we had created.

Four years ago today we were still in awe of the twins, and starting to talk about how we needed to have more children because they were so amazing.

Three years ago today the twins picked the name 'Emma' for the little sister they wanted.

Two years ago today Glenn's mom had moved in with us after we returned from taking the twins to Italy. It was also about 2 years ago that Violet said, 'Mom, it's time to go get Emma' at about the same time as when Emma was taken to the hospital and registered for international adoption. Our paths were headed towards one another even though we didn't know it.

One year ago today we got the word that Emma was ours forever and we started planning our trip to China to meet her.

Last night you didn't skip a beat. You took me back to the place we had our first date, you had arose waiting, and somehow you did it all without me knowing you had remember at all! I love you honey.

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Robin said...

Oh Shari, you've got me crying. That was beautiful. Here's to the next 10 being even better.