Monday, July 16, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me!

Well I made it, I'm 41 years old! Ta Da. So far its a quiet day. Everyone at work forgot, which is par for the course.
One of my good friends sent me an ecard first thing and sang me happy birthday, and some of my other friends have remembered. I have a promise out of the kids that they will draw me pictures for my birthday. Both the older ones think we should have a beach party tonight. I had to tell them that Mommy had planned a kind of different party for herself, without them. My best friend and I are headed out for a pedicure and a slice of cake. Gotta love babysitters!
The beach trip was my birthday present this year, so I don't expect much of anything else.
Took Violet over to the first day of Ballet Camp today. She was so excited. Of course I win the bad mommy award on that front. I bring her in to work with me this am all ready for ballet. I am rereading the sign up sheet and I notice it says, 'a sack lunch and snacks should be brought along.' Oh my goodness, a sack lunch? So Vi is the only kid eating Subway for lunch today as that is about what I could pull off at 30 minutes before the class starts and no kitchen.
I keep waiting for her to find her 'thing.' When do you find the thing that you can do that you are mad about? Will it be ballet? It was NOT soccer, soccer was a complete bust. Gymnastics didn't seem as 'fun' as I thought it might be. Swimming is not it. Maybe Ballet will do the trick.
I'll post some pics later in the week. They do a little performance at the end of the week for us.

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