Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ahhh, Sunday

Well it is Sunday, and it is not a day of rest. We skipped church as dh still doesn't feel 100%, although he is definately on the mend. I've been painting, which is quite a challenge with all the furniture in there! If DH felt better he would help me move it out, but he just isn't quite up to it so I'm working around it.
We did come to a consensus on the bedrooms, which is cool. The best part is he just agreed with everything I wanted to do (love it when it works that way!)
So we are moving all the kid's furniture in Jakey's room to the girl's room. Eventually we'll bunk the beds in there. That will give the girls 2 matching chest of drawers to store clothing, and since they both have legs it will get them up off the heating vents. Currently the dressers in there sit down on the vents and so you freeze in the winter.
We are going to take the chest of drawers that is in the girl's room and is dark wood, and move it to Jakey's room for his storage. Then everyone has about the same number of drawers for stuff.
We have yet to decide what to do with the other dresser - probably see what family wants to do with it or sell it or give it away.
Anyway, we went over to the second hand furniture store today and low and behold they had a brand new bunk bed in the same finish as the dark dresser for $175. They will bring it Friday. With two mattresses plus the sheets and stuff I bought the total works out to $10 more then what I am selling the guest bed set for. We can live with a $10 cost :)
Meanwhile, a very nice woman came today and gave me cash for the bed set. She and her son are coming in 30 minutes to haul it off. By next weekend I should have Jakey's room totally set, and Vi and Emma's room set. Then I can start working on the guest room. I will post pictures of both kid's rooms when I get them done. I may sneak a midway shot in of Jakey's on Tuesday since it is a Tackle It Tuesday that has crept through the weekend! We'll see.
Oh, as a bonus at the used furniture store, we found a piano! I couldn't believe it. We've been looking at the piano store for a piano (silly us/ and here was the one we wanted for about half the price. We'll have to have it tuned, but they will bring it out Friday as well. DH's Mom had left us a little money when she died and we had set a bit of it aside for a piano. With tuning I think we'll be right in budget.
Dh's sister called and she is bringing up our favorite cousins (her grandchildren) when we go on the big family camping trip to Shasta next month. We are excited, we love spending time with them. The kids will be thrilled to see them and we intend to go down and visit with them again at the end of August, so all togheter they'll get lots of play time.
Ok, more pictures soon. I know the best thing about blogs are the pictures!

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Robin said...

You're so creative with the kids' rooms. I wish you lived close enough to help me figure out what to do with Itai and Maya's rooms, they are both in serious need of updating.