Friday, July 13, 2007

Beach Pictures

Emma and Vi running in the waves.
The world's biggest club sandwich - we go to a restaurant in Newport called "Shirley's" where they make truely HUGE servings of food. How do you bite on this?
You can't see it very well, but out on Newport docks there are 2 old tires set up on pilings. The leaning one has a group of baby seagulls in it while the Daddy overseas. The waitress said that only one seagull is born each day, I guess they take turns!
At the Hatfield Marine Science Center, Jakey looks for the turtle that simply must be under the shell.
The kids and Daddy checking out the indoor tide pool where you can pet a starfish or a sea urchin.
The kids in front of the mini sub that Hatfield has out front. Hatfield is a division of Oregon State University. They are located right next to the Oregon Aquarium in Newport, and honestly I like them a bit better then the fancier model. They always have an octopus to look at, things to touch, and a great bookstore with wonderful books for you and the kids. They aren't so gimmicky.

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Robin said...

What a fun sounding place. We went to one of those touch pools in Bellingham, the kids LOVED it. (And so did mom.)