Friday, July 20, 2007

Violet's First Recital

Today was a pretty fun day - Violet had her last day of Dance Camp and had her first recital. I was able to sneak away at lunch and watch her dance. It was really cute. The kids did good for having only had 5 days to learn the choreography. The pace must have been brutal as they learned 6 dance numbers during that time.
We have decided to do ballet classes in the fall.
I never cease to be amazed at how effected I am when I see one of the kids do something on their own. It is such a strange feeling to watch the baby that you held tightly for so long try to do something outside their comfort zone. I find myself longing for them to be really good at what they try. I have to check myself, I can see where the stage mothers come from already! Violet enjoys dance because she has fun. She has wanted to be a ballerina since I can remember.
What I havent' really written about her is that she is a Princess with a capital P. She has felt she is and should be one for as long as I can remember, and the ballet thing fits neatly in with the fairy princess idea.
I think the other thing that brought me joy was watching Violet and her best friend Julia. They have known each other since they were about 1. I worry sometimes that the friendship is waining as they go to different schools. Watching them during dance camp though they were in their element. When the kids had to pair off to spin or do something together, it was Vi and Julia every single time. I hope we can keep that friendship going, I love the idea of them having something for as long as they can remember. Good friends get harder to find as you get older. Julia also envisions a future with ballet, so I suspect we'll keep the relationship going with dance this fall.
Tonight Vi and I did the macarena together in the living room. She was so happy I knew a dance. I even still remember first position from ballet, so I showed her that. Scary what sticks with you.
The other funny thing is that Emma is desperate, simply desperate to dance. She ran onto the dance floor today and we drug her back a couple times. Our Nanny came with us today (thank Goodness) and held Emma to stop her from escaping. I can see that as soon as Em turns 3 she will probably take dance as well. We won't wait as long as we have for Vi.
That is all from the land of ballerinas tonight. 2 hours, 23 minutes till Harry Potter is available, and I'm trying to stay up!


Robin said...

Yay for Violet! She must have loved it. Any pictures to share?

Maya loves to perform too, I'm thinking of finding a dance class for her this fall, but I think she'll do better in something that also adds singing and jumping around. I think ballet might be a bit too focused for her.

PS I stupidly ordered the book (preordered to get a large discount) from a store that won't be open until SUNDAY morning! Aack!

Robin said...

PS I just tagged you for a new meme.