Monday, July 2, 2007

The letter N

Well a friend of mine, Robin had a challenge the other day - list ten things starting with a letter. I thought it looked cute so I agreed to play along. She assigned me the letter 'N' so here goes!

1. Night - my favorite time of day in the summer, after the kids have gone to bed and you can sit on the back deck and look at the city lights and hear the noises of people and places, as well as the wildlife that surrounds our house.
2. Novel - I love a good novel to read on a rainy day.
3. Napoli's a terrific Italian restaurant here in Eugene that we like to order in from now and again.
4. Needle - something I use now and again when I do quilting (which since adding kid #3 seems to be a thing of the past, gotta get back to hobbies!)
5. Necklace - Last year DH got me a beautiful locket with all 3 kids pictures in it to wear, I just love it!
6. Nice - What we were all told to be when we were growing up - be a nice girl :)
7. Nap - I think the southern Europeans have it figured out with nap time, why don't we adopt that in America for adults?
8. No - What Emma chants as she is doing something she shouldn't, 'no no no no no'
9. Nothing - What Jakey and Vi say when they are quiet and I ask them what they are doing (and which generally translates into 'nothing you should know about because then we'd be in trouble')
10. Nita - My Mom's nickname, what my Dad called her. Makes me smile when I think about it!

There, there are my 10! If you would like to join just PM me or leave a comment and I'll send a letter to you :)

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Robin said...

Great list. I love summer nights on the roof, too. Love the new header too.