Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My thirteen favorite romantic movies of all time....

Married To It
I love this movie - I think it is such a realistic view of how different marraiges can be while still working, and how people at different stages learn different things about life.

Steel Magnolias
A great chick flick if ever there was one - I love southern women, I suppose because my Mom was a southern woman.

Gone With The Wind

Other girls had Cinderella, I had Scarlet. I actually really only love parts of this movie (its so darn long) but I love a strong woman, and Scarlet was one strong lady!

Diary of A Mad Black Woman
Another strong southern woman. I get a bit uncomfortable during the scene where she throws her husband in teh bathtub after his accident, she really releases her anger and it is scary to watch. I LOVE the scene where they go into the other woman's closet and tear it up, and when they cut the couch in half. I suppose the biggest reason I love this movie is the relationship that develops between the main character and the moving man she meets, and the way her brother holds onto his love for his addicted wife and in the end she comes out ok. I know, I know, its a movie, real life doesn't always work out so cleanly, but it is nice to think it does for a couple of hours!

Before Sunrise and Before Sunset

These two should go together - they are really a matched set. A great story about the chemistry that can happen to two people in an instant that can change their entire lives. Years later that chemistry holds true, and their lives intersect and reunite.

Music and Lyrics
Sweet show, cute and the look back at the 80s is spot-on. They got the video in the beginning right, and I love how Drew plays this part. It is a sweet watch for a rainy afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith
This is a violent movie, but it is also a love story. This is the movie where in real life Angelina and Brad found each other. You can feel the chemistry. They are two competitors pitted against one another and it is a turn on!

This one has a lot of common sense to it. I always enjoy a good show. I like it when the little guy wins, when love prevails, and when cute men make fools of themselves to prove their hearts. This has it all!

West Side Story
A classic, what can I say? It was a teen flick for my sister and brother's age and it reminds me of the time they grew up. Also it is a nice remake of Romeo and Juliet, and the score is simply terrific.

The Notebook
This should be #1, because it is my #1. I love this movie. I love a good romance, and as I've gotten older I appreciate it when two people stick together forever and don't give up. There are parts of it that remind me of my own teen love - the passion and drive that you have then that is rarely recaptured later in life.

I'm not even sure why I like this movie. Maybe because for once Adam Sandler plays a real person and not some cut-up. Maybe because the romance in it is sweet and innocent. Maybe because I think Tea is a terrific actress. It just struck a chord with me.


I love musicals, and Oklahoma is no exception. I love so many of the songs on this, and it reminds me of the kinds of things I watched growing up.

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GarthTrekker said...

Those are some great movies - I can tell where your interest lies at least! lol, I liked Hitch a lot. At any rate, thanks for stopping by Bloggin' Outloud, Lyn

Robin said...

I've loved West Side Story ever since I was young. In fact, I even auditioned for a high school show once by singing Officer Krupke...

Joy T. said...

Travelling through the TT blogroll and came for a visit. Great TT list. I'm a huge fan of Steel Magnolias!