Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme
Well last night I took 'before' pictures of the kid's closet, and then we went to work. My plan this summer is to move Emma out of our bedroom and into the guest room with Violet. That means all of Vi's stuff has to get out of what will be Jakey's room.
So we emptied Jakey's closet - wow, what a stockpile we had. There were clothes that would never fit, clothes that still would fit, and toys and old garbage that they had stuffed in there.
The guest/girls room now looks like a cyclone came in (ops) but Jakey's closet looks terrific! He and I moved some stuff out of his dresser and into the closet drawers. He is so happy. My intent is to eventually move both his dressers into the girl's room and get him a loft setup, but for now this works!
Em and Violet helped us with the purge. Em found a fake furry white jacket I had purchased for Vi when she was a baby at a garage sale. It never fit her right as it was too big one winter and too small the next. Em was completely taken. There is something really great about the way Em is when she gets something. She found it, and she held it up and I said, 'Em, you can have that if you want it'. She snuggled it up against her and looked so happy while she said with a question, 'Mine?' I said, "yes, yours" and she skippped off to put it on. She got the buttons slightly off but she wore it all evening and was just totally happy. Glenn and I marvel sometimes at how something so simple like an old jacket can mean so much to her.
I couldn't find the camera so I took pictures with my phone. It seems to be wigging out a bit, so I'll see if I can find anything to post later. Anyway, Jakey's closet is drastically improved.


mistihollrah said...

Good luck with your tackle-I did my boys & my daughter's closet this past winter.

Have a great day!

Barbara H. said...

Kid's closets and rooms are such a big challenge. Glad you got Jakey's done! That's sweet about your daughter and the jacket!

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts