Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Wors for me Wednesday and other musings

Happy middle of the week! It is Wednesday and I desperately want it to be Friday. My sinus infection is still trolling along, mostly because I'm not stopping to take care of it, and I'm just tired.
So what amazing tip can I give you today? I think today I'll share a kid tip. Having three of them at home, I've learned a few things about how to get them moving. One great trick I've learned is the timer. At least at my house, if you say, 'I bet you can't get your room clean in 3 minutes' it is a challenge and a dare that sets the kids off in record time. My twins like to compete with each other which is part of it I'm sure. They often beat the time I suggest, and even if they don't I sometimes say they did because it makes them so darn happy!
Today is a fun filled day of work with another visit with my personal trainer tonight. Then a little more work on Jakey's room before falling into bed and starting over again tomorrow. This weekend we take the 4runner in to the shop to get the bumper fixed (dh fender bender last month) and I get a rental car for the week. I hope they give me something cool!
This weekend we need to finish the three bedrooms downstairs and restore our house to some semblence of order.
I suppose the other thing coming up that I haven't mentioned is the big family camping trip. I married into a huge family - my husband's mother had 4 kids, 13 grandkids and I don't even know how many great grandkids at this point. She lived with us for 2 years before she died in January. While we were at the funeral in Grants Pass in early February we all agreed we'd do an annual summer camping trip to try to keep the family together. We booked a campground on Lake Shasta in California, and we are all set to go.
I'm really looking forward to it. DH's mother gave me her cast iron skillets before she died and I intend to pack them so we can do a big taco feed, which was tradition with her. I think we are going to bring food for that and for an ice cream feed so that hopefully we can have everyone in our campsite each night for a while. DH has been frantically scanning all the pictures that his mother left us in hopes of having some CDs to share when we meet up with everyone. His one aunt, who now is in her 90s, lives near his brother in southern California. We hope she will be able to identify some of the people in these pictures! It also is a good way to preserve them as some of the shots are awfully old.
Guess that is all I have time for on my lunch hour. The work outside my office window continues, and now they have added breathing masks for all the workers. Makes you wonder as we are all sitting here with no protection except 110 year old windows that don't seal. Reminds me of the time a few years ago when the asbestos abatement was going on on our floor and they would leave white footprints down the hallway after they exited the area that had the black plastic taped off to 'protect' us. Gotta love state employment!

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