Sunday, August 19, 2007

The weekend

Today was the last Saturday class that dh has to attend, so I made a play date with a girlfriend and her two girls who are the same ages as my two. Her older girl and Vi have been friends since they were two. We played on a big playground, had an early lunch, and then went for a walk. The two older girls walked hand in hand down the path, it was so neat. I love that they have had a long wonderful relationship already. Julia asked if Vi could come play for a few hours and I said sure. I guess they are plotting their first sleepover already, so I told Julia's Mom that we'd host next month if she didn't mind being ready for a late night drive. They seem young to be ready, but I trust their family and have no trouble with the idea.
I started some new meds today - T3 to treat thyroid. I'm on an incredibly low dose but it does buzz me a bit. I suspect that is why I'm still awake at midnight, you take it every 12 hours and dose #2 was at 9:45 tonight. I need to do that a bit earlier in the evening so I can sleep!
DH has been so busy and stressed out this week that he hasn't had a chance to upload pics yet, and so neither have I. I hope that tomorrow will be better for him. After his class we took the kids to dinner and a movie. We went and saw 'Underdog' which was pretty cute. The kids loved it although Em spent most of the time doing gymnastics on the seat between dh and I. She is such a nut. She has been so giggly and happy all day today. I think the fact I stayed home yesterday made her happy - two days in a row with Mom. Makes my heart ache that I can't stay home with them all the time right now. Maybe in a couple years when dh's schooling pays off.
Guess that is all for now...

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Jo said...

Wow, another sleep-over in the offing. Our kids really are growing up fast! Jo