Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday....

Well today I have no pictures of before (or after) but my tackle for today was....my toes! I gave myself the evening off, and went to the mall. I ate dinner alone, I shopped and shopped (didn't buy much of anything, but it was fun to look) and then I got a pedicure and foot massage. Ahhh, dreamy.
I did buy a few things as well. I bought tap shoes and a dance bag for my little dancer. She starts class in 3 weeks and I talked to the office today and got the list of supplies. Payless Shoe source sells ballet and tap shoes, go figure!
I got Jakey 3 shirts too - even a spiderman shirt that glows in the dark. He took one look at it when I got home and said, 'Mom, I LOVE you' Good to know that it is all about what I bring him!
Nanny had a better day. She even bravely took them to Target. They came home with coloring stuff and itty bitty pigs with velcro feet. They are completely smitten with her (and so am I!) It is such a nice change from prior nanny.
DH set up his tripod and his camera last night before we went to bed, and set his alarm for 2:30am. He got up to film the eclipse and stayed up for a while, trying to shoot the perfect picture. He said the moon was red.
He came back to bed and he calculates got a total of 3-1/2 hours sleep last night before geting up early to go to the gym and work out before work. He was only barely coherant by the time I got home - he had parked the kids in front of Mythbusters and they were happy as could be doing a 'Slumber Party'.
Oh, I also ran the Certificate of Citizenship over to the post office today so now Emma's passport is officially on it's way. Hopefully in 12 weeks she will have her Certificate and her passport back in our house!


Jo said...

Sounds like a good evening for you. And LOL at Jakey!

Robin said...

There's just something about a pedicure...

So glad the new nanny is looking good.

TnMomTo3 said...

Sounds like a nice evening!

You'll have to share his eclipse pictures with us! :)

Glad this nanny is working out! :)

yh said...

I feel DH's pain... i stayed up for the eclipse too... well.. went to bed.. then got up.. and went back to bed.