Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Keeping up with Nannies...

Boy, what a week! Last week we had to let our old Nanny go - it became apparent to us that her judgement on things just wasn't what we were hoping for. We'd given her some time hoping she was just green and trying to get the hang of a large house and three kids. Anyway, time didn't help, and so we moved on.
Today we had our new Nanny come give us a trial run - so far so good! It is so hard to switch, although I feel very good about this woman.
Life is pretty dull this week otherwise. Em slept through the temporary nanny yesterday (her way of dealing with stress is to sleep) and today she stayed up all day. We are all working like crazy. This weekend we have our last free weekend before school starts. I still can't believe my babies are entering kindergarten!
Oh, the big news of the day is that Jakey's first tooth came out today. We are all very excited to see what the tooth fairy has in store for our boy.
I'd also post more pics, but Blogger has been so SLOW about uploading recently that I keep giving up after I try for half an hour. Maybe I'll have more time over the weekend!


amy said...

Hope this new nanny works out. I love reading your posts!

Robin said...

The new nanny sounds great, I hope she's all you need her to be.

Yay Jake on losing his first tooth!