Friday, August 24, 2007

Passport Time

Well this morning I drug myself up bright and early, and took all 3 kids to the post office. Doesn't that sound like a fun way to start the day? Although the rest of us have our passports, little Ms. Emma is still sitting with her Chinese passport and US Visa. Since we plan on flying over the pond next spring, we thought we better get a matching passport to the rest of the family!
For those of you outside the US, passport turn around times have grown to amazingly long periods now. Headlines say 3 months, but we've heard rumors of close to 6 months. Since we leave in 8 months, we figured better to be safe then sorry.
Getting a passport in a small town for a child who wasn't born here is an adventure. Thank God we re-adopted when we got home. If you are adopting internationally, when you get home adopt in your state, even if it isn't required. It makes so many things easier, and getting a passport is no exception.
The US issues one piece of paper to prove citizenship when your child arrives in this country. It isn't something you get copies of, it is a single copy. Had we not readopted, we would have had to send our lone copy off with the passport application and been without it for 8-12 weeks or more. This way I gave them an official Oregon birth certificate and off it went!
We got there 15 minutes before the offices opened, and we were 4th in line. By the time their office did open there were 10 of us waiting. I'm glad we went when we did.
So another thing done in our slow planning of our trip across the ocean. Jo, here we come!


Jo said...

WOO-HOO! Glad you are on top of it, I don't want anything standing in the way of that trip!!!! I can't believe it takes so long to get one, it is about 3 weeks here!

Robin said...

3 months???? Are you kidding me? Obviously renewals are faster but I got mine in 2 weeks. It used to be done on the spot at the embassy, but due to the new regs it has to be physically issued in Washington (note the eye roll). We got Maya's (a new issue) when she was a baby, so about 3.5 years ago, but even that only took a few weeks.

3-6 months? Good grief!

amy said...

I know you are glad you have gotten started..Hope the kids enjoyed their saturday