Sunday, August 5, 2007

Projects Update

Well we made great strides this weekend on the downstairs. The painting is almost done in Jakey's room, and everyone's dresser is installed in the correct rooms. All 3 kids even slept downstairs yesterday, which was great. Glenn and I greatly appreciate getting our room back!

This is Jakey's new room. He is the king of his castle right before bed on his top bunk, and he LOVES it. You can't see it from the picture but he has carefully put his t-rex to bed in the bottom bunk.

This is a shot of the octopus I painted for him. I need to put some suction cups on the legs yet, but it didn't come out half bad!

These are two overtired little girls in their new room, mad because I told them they had to go to bed. You can see the way the room came out though.
We also spent some time today sorting through the scary clutter that has become the corner of the family room. We sorted all the toys, took 2 huge boxes to goodwill and threw a ton of stuff away. I think they might actually be able to find things in the house to play with now!
Still need to finish that pile, the laundry pile and touching up Jakey's paint here and there. And of course the rest of the house is dirty because we spent all weekend cleaning downstairs!
Have a good night!


Robin said...

It looks great Shari! Can't you skip Europe next year and come here to paint my kids' rooms instead? Pretty please?

amy said...

What great pictures! You did a great job!!! Glad they are enjoying them

Lynn Donovan said...

Looking through you last several posts you have been very busy.

Rooms look great. I love to rework a room in my house. Makes it feel new again.

Thanks for stoppin in at Marriage Monday. Blessings, Lynn