Friday, August 3, 2007

Progress Report

It is 8:30pm, and I'm whipped. I took off work early to get to work on the bed, but they ended up not delivering it until 4pm. Then dh wanted to go out to dinner at this all you can eat chinese buffett (it has sushi, where else can you get all you can eat sushi for $12?) and of course we were out of eggs and a few other staples, so I didn't really get home to work on the bed till late. I did do some more painting today - mostly second coats and touch ups. Tonight Jakey and Vi and I assembled the bunk beds. I suspect these will not be long term bunk beds as they are flimsy. They are fine for now with little kids, but when Jake is a strapping teenager it won't bear him I don't think. Then again by then he probably will hate the thought of bunk beds so I know we'll be fine.
We also had our piano delivered today. It is terrific - in good shape. I was concerned because it was so inexpensive and the light at the store isn't great, but we got it home and it seems fine. I need to get it tuned and then we'll be good to go. Assuming DH and I don't burn out in the morning we should actually get our house back to 'normal' sometime late tomorrow. We have date night tomorrow night too! Our wonderful summer sitter goes back to college in two weeks, so this is our last date night with her. I'm going to miss her! She is coming late so we'll have a late dinner and see a movie. I don't know which movie yet - I'm leaning towards Hairspray or some other chick flick but who knows.
When we get Jakey 'done' I promise to post more pics. I hope that will be Sunday at the latest since I still need to sketch out and paint an octopus. Tonight both the twins are in Jakey's room. Wonder how I'm ever going to get them to separate. Guess I could drag Em's bed into Jakey's room...although it isn't initially what I had in mind.
Have a great night!

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