Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things in my purse...
1. wallet
2. cell phone/palm pilot courtesy of my gadget guy, dh
3. pen
4. passports
5. passport photo of Emma
6. lip gloss
7. lip stick
8. ticket stub from the last movie we watched
9. change
10. notebook with list of things to do because I still don't use the palm pilot as anything more then a glorified address book!
11. a crumpled up dandelion that one of the kids gave me as 'my flower'
12. Some Susan B Anthony dollars waiting for Jakey to loose another tooth (Or Violet)
13. Emergen-C packets for my vitamins

Not a very creative Thursday Thirteen, I know, but I'm getting back in the swing of things!
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amy said...

neat list. I may be the only girl who doesnt carry a purse

Jo said...

You have a neat purse. Mine would contain all kinds of crap if examined.

Robin said...

Where are the 87 hairbands, 3 matchbox cars and 2 granola bars? Oh wait, that's my bag...