Sunday, June 10, 2007

Long Time No post

Sorry to be so long away - things have been a little hectic here. Did a quick trip down this weekend to the Rogue Valley to see our nephew at his graduation party. He graduate from Hidden Valley with honors, we are all so proud of him!
Stayed a cute little place in Ashland, where the party was. Rented a cottage just across the street from Lithia Park. Played in Ashland, explored the shops and found out that some things have not changed at all! Rare Earth, a store that met every teen's dream in the 1980s, is alive and well. It still has cute clothes, adorable shoes, records and cheap decor. Gone are the bongs of the 1970s and 80s, but there is even more cute asian themed stuff to replace it.
Em had a clingy weekend. I feel like I could use a break as she has wanted me to hold her 24/7. Dad won't do, only Mommy. I'm not one to be with anyone 24/7, so it has been a challenge.
Drove both ways as Glenn's shoulder is still not ok. He goes back in 10 days and then he can remove the sling and start the grueling process of physical therapy. I both dread it and can't wait for it. I miss his contributions around here, but I know that the road back is pretty awful.
Had a nice family time Saturday night. Our family is such a bunch of contrasts. Half of the family is fairly 'clean cut' and religious and middle class. The other half is alternative, with tatoos, dreadlocks, piercings and drug use abounding. Always weird to get the whole group in a room together.
I'll try to get some pics up tomorrow. If you can't wait you can always sneak over to the other website,
Sweet Dreams!

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Robin said...

We had a store like that too. I wonder if the bongs are still there or if they've gone too...

Glad you had such a good visit.