Sunday, June 24, 2007


Just got back from the farm. Drove the twins out to this place about 5 miles north of town that has fresh produce and some animals. Its cute, they have wisely set it up to be a desitation. You drive out, buy produce and dairy, and put it in your car. Then you can walk back and buy goat food for a quarter and feed the goats. You can also see stock horses, cows, llamas, a donkey, and some labms. They have picnic tables and a playground to let the kids run off some energy. It is the same place we take the kids to hunt pumpkins in the fall, and we always really enjoy it.
Last night Glenn and I snuck in a date night. We went out to PF Chang's again (yum) and then to see "Knocked Up" which was a rough but funny movie.
Its actually raining today on and off, suprise surprise. Amazing how once we hit summer officially the weather goes south. Why is that?
I read this article the other day in the Mother Earth News about how they are injecting beef with salt and water now, have you seen that. If you buy ground beef at a big store and read the tiny itty bit print, it has saline in it. They have found that if they add that it stays red longer. It makes sense as when we used to try to cook low salt for my mother in law sometimes she'd swell up after I cooked fresh meat without adding salt. Now I know someone was there ahead of me. I guess you can also tell that they add gasses by the packaging - if it is in plastic and the top is bubbled up, odds are good oxygen or other gasses have been added to make it red longer. Kinda makes you wonder what else is going on....

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