Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Places that I want to see!

Thirteen places I want to see

1. Back to China - I want to spend a month exploring the region Emma is from. (Guangxi)

2. Italy - At least one more visit but this time up in the hill country, and back to Venice.

3. Russia - I've always wanted to explore Russia

4. Poland - I want to see where my father's ancestors came from

5. Great Britain - castles, castles and more castles

6. Greece

7. The Holy Land

8. Drive across the US - road trip!

9. Alaska via the Alaskan Highway

10. Inside Passage via boat

11. New England - Boston, Philadelphia

12. Mississippi River

13. The deep south - Alambama, Louisiana, Georgia

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1 comment:

Robin said...

I've been to some of those (a lot easier when you live where I do), but China is definitely still on my must-see list.

My parents are actually traveling the Inside Passage now and will be on the Alaska Highway in a few weeks. Their pictures are spectacular. I hope someday I have the chance to go there as well.