Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Vrrrmmmmm Vrmmmmmm

Yesterday I took the bus home at lunch and started running some errands. One of my errands was to pick up a prescription from Bi-Mart. I noticed that there were some race cars out front and then a man came over to me and told me to cover my ears. Soon a monster truck pulled up.
I raced home and told Jakey to put his shoes on. He acted a little put off by my rush, but as soon as we pulled into the parking lot he was all smiles.
They weren't too busy, so they not only talked to Jakey for a while, but they let him sit in a race car! He was so excited. He got a hat and an autographed picture of the one driver. I took photos of him next ot the monster truck as well. A man who was watching said that the truck was so big that I'd have to draw a circle around Jakey in the picture to find him!

Other then that, yesterday was uneventful. Renewed my library card and checked out a couple books. Sorted Emma's clothes and put her winter stuff downstairs in her future bedroom.
I've decided that each evening I'm going to spend a little time in the girl's room clearning the closet out. Emma has been sleeping in our room almost a year now, and I'm ready for her to move to her own space. If I can get the closet empty and the dressers free of stuff I could probably round up some people to help me move the beds around and the girls could start sleeping together. I don't have to bunk Jakey's room right away. I hope to take a long weekend and paint his room though, so I need to start working on a plan. He now wants race cars and airplanes. If you have any mural ideas for that, I'm all ears!


Cindy said...

Shari, I was born in Oakland, and lived in Albany until I was three. And then we moved to Pleasanton, where I lived until I got married. After college, we moved back to Pleasanton and lived there until 1998.

Did I know you used to live in Fremont? I can't remember, lol! My parents both taught at the School for the Deaf.

Sounds like fun with the race-cars for Jake. I bet he loved that. I've seen a cute kids room idea where they painted the room blue on top (sky), and green on bottom (hills), and then painted a black roadway around on the hills...wavy road, meandering, etc. And then they affixed Hot Wheels cars to the road. It was cute!

Cindy said...

I'm 35. I graduated from Foothill High School in Pleasanton, in 1989. I have a brother that graduated in '80, and a sister that graduated in '84.

I wonder if we ever unknowingly crossed paths as kids!