Thursday, May 24, 2007

Time flies when you are not having fun!

Sorry to have disappeared for so long. What a crazy hectic week it has been. Last week I may have mentioned Glenn had his shoulder surgery. Rotator cuff surgery is HUGE! Anyway, we went to the doctor yesterday and it seems that the recovery time is totally slow. Four more weeks in a sling, then 4 weeks of not lifting over 10 pounds, and then rigorous physical therapy to get back over this. He is being a trooper, I can't even imagine. He can't drive for another 2 weeks, and he can't work. He is allowed to try typing now and again at the computer but when his shoulder hurts he should stop. He is stuck in the house each day all day while I"m at work, and mostly at night we don't go out. I would not do well at that plan.
Meanwhile I've interviewed some nanny candidates, trying to figure out what to do on that front. About a week ago I found out that my son was being harassed and physically tortured by another child at daycare. This same child has done it before, and I had been assured he'd be removed if he did it again. Well, that assurance wasn't worth squat. My intention is to get my kids out of that situation.
Our long anticipated trip to southern Oregon has been busted for now. We instead have booked a place in Ashland in a couple of weeks to go down for my nephew's graduation. Unfortunately his actual graduation is on a weeknight, so we won't get to go to the high school (wah, I'd love to go back!!) They are having a party in Ashland, and I found a cute little house to rent that will accommodate all of us for the weekend. Hopefully we can drive up to Grants Pass and kick around our old stomping grounds. I'm looking forward to letting the kids try Lithia Water at the park as well!
Had a blast from the past looking at my old high school sight. It seems one of my old teachers, who was a young slim blond girl with great long hair who married another teacher, is now a huge women who seems to have the spiked short lesbian hairdo going on. Funny what a couple of decades can do to a person! She was always a strong woman, I guess some things have changed though.
All from the grass seed capital of the world!

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