Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Wild and crazy weekend

Thursday night the fun began. You see, this weekend we had Emma dedicated at church. That meant that family would come up, which in turn meant that we needed to get through Mom's stuff before they arrived. We sent a set of photos down to the distant realatives to see if anyone wanted anything. Most everyone said, 'nope, Mom gave us what she wanted us to have' but not my sister in law. She of course had to have a different approach - she wants us to hold everything while she darts off on another international adventure. I am not sure how to act around all this. She wasn't my mother, and she isn't my sister. I mostly resent the fact that she is being so greedy. Doesn't it seem strange. In my world normal people want things to remind them of the person they lost. They don't worry about net worth. This woman is wanting things appraised. She actually wants to come into the house when we are not home, which makes me wonder what else she will take. I feel very uncomfortable with the whole thing.
Her daughter came up with her husband, and we gave them a few items. We had a nice weekend with them - had pictures taken, went to the fairy festival, had a nice time. Sunday we had the dedication and then we all went to lunch. Emma as a bonus got the stomach flu.
Guess that is it for tonight.

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