Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Long week and its only Tuesday!

Whew, what a week. Sunday was Mother's Day, and it was a fine one although probably not what I had envisioned. Kids were cranky, Glenn was nervous and we couldn't find a movie to go to. Ended up puttering around the house and cleaning the garage. Not exactly a dream day of relaxing but it had to be done.
Yesterday I drove Glenn over and he had his rotator cuff reattached. That was a charming surgery. Got there at 10:45, he didn't get in to the surgery room until 1:19 and I didn't see the doctor till closer to 4pm. The orthopedic surgeon brought out some beautiful color shots of Glenn's shoulder which he said were crap because they were just little peep-holes into it. the good news is that he got things reattached, although it took longer then he intended.
Luckily I had planned for them to run over (they always do) and so I ran home, picked up the kids, and met my friend Cynthea at my house. I even ordered pizza so no one would starve. Then back to the hospital to wait for them to discharge the patient. Sometimes hospital planning baffles me. they have a pharmacy in the base of the short stay unit. They give me 3 prescriptions that he should start immediately, but they don't give them to me until they give me his discharge paperwork at 6:10 pm. I go downstairs. The pharmacy closes at 6pm, so no luck. We can't spend the night without the prescriptions. Glenn is cranky and doesn't want to go home and sit with Cynthea (who is my friend but only an aquaintance to him really) and so I end up with him in the parking lot at Bi-Mart for an extremely long time waiting for them to fill our prescription. Bi-Mart doesn't care if you are in pain, if you just had surgery, if you are dying in thier parking lot. They fill prescriptions in the order they come in, whether people are there waiting or not. So we waited 45 minutes after they told me 20, and finally got to go home.
Today I had to 'watch' Glenn all day. That was fun. He mostly slept and so I did a few chores and not much else.
I did get some exciting news. It seems that the preschool has changed it's mind on transporting to kindergarten. When we were planning everything early this spring they assured me that they would go to any kindergarten within a reasonable distance if 2 or more kids were going. Since I have twins, I figured I was scott free. Well today I turned in my 'reservation' for next year and she said, 'oh, I don't know that we go to that school. What???? So now I'm scrambling trying to figure out how to take care of Jakey and Violet in the fall. This is not funny. I'm tired, I'm not good when Glenn isn't functioning to begin with, and having my plans all toppled really stresses me out. Blech.
As an added bonus we all slept terribly last night as Glenn was in a lot of pain, and the stomach flu that the rest of the family enjoyed for the last 2 weeks seems to have landed on me today. I have to interview 3 job candidates tomorrow and sit in on a construction conference call, so I can't not go to work. Weee.
Guess that is all from the middle of Oregon....

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