Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday Movie Review

Every so often I subscribe to Netflix, and after a bit when I've watched a marathon number of movies I quit it again. I'm scraping the bottom of the cue again and I'm about to quit. This weekend I found a little gem of a movie though.
Usually I don't care for religious movies - when they try to take the bible and interpret it on screen they often do things to make it more marketable and in doing so wreck much of the original story. Last night I watched, 'One Night With the King,' which is based on the book of Esther. It was really quite good. Surprise of surprises, the people actually weren't all white hollywood actors - they looked like they might for the most part actually live in the middle east. (the old hollywood interpretations kill me because everyone is so white!) Anyway, it was nicely done, definately took some poetic license but it seems like they got the gist of it correct. We never celebrate Purim but I have friends who do - great to know the story behind it.
Glenn is hard at work in the office hooking up our X10. I guess that through it he will automate our house, turning lights on and off, etc. I have to say that having an automatic shutoff in the kid's room after we go to school is such a pleasant idea. Not unlike we were as children, they never think to turn out a light!
Just read on the news that there was a pretty bad accident in the bay area in California - a bridge we used to use regularly to go into San Francisco blew up with a tanker truck accident. I can't even imagine what traffic will be like down there tomorrow. They estimate 45,000 people travel that on ramp every single day. What a crazy mess. My sister-in-law still lives down that way. Hopefully they will have no reason to head into San Francisco for a while. We are going down to visit in August, but we'll use their sailboat to get across the bay if we need to!

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