Friday, April 27, 2007

Another Wild Friday night

I was out shopping after the kids went to bed and I ran into an old friend - it is always so wild to run into someone you haven't seen in a while. We compared notes, updated one another and shared pictures of our kids. It always amazes me how our kids all change so much.
This week was a busy one. Tuesday I drove to Portland for a conference. The schedule was such that I had some nice breaks to spend time with both old friends and new. I drove up with a woman I work with who was a nice match for me in interests. We had a lot of fun shopping together although we didn't buy much other then makeup. I also had a chance to have dinner with one of my old girlfriends and meet her brand new baby. Hers is really a miracle of a story - she is 45, she was told that due to some drugs her own mother took while pregnant, she would never have a child. Her daughter Katie decided to prove them wrong and appeared a few weeks early in late January. We had a nice dinner and then I got my baby fix holding Katie for a while and visiting with my friend's step daughter and partner.
This weekend is my last free weekend before the house is invaded. Next weekend the family is coming up from Grants Pass and beyond for my daughter Emma's christening. I have a lot to accomplish this weekend with a housefull of guests to come and of course Glenn's mom's stuff to sort through. For those of you who weren't following, Glenn's Mom passed away in January. She had lived with us up until her death, and we are now in the process of sorting through the things that made her part of our house her home. Unfortunately, it took a LOT of stuff to make her feel at home, and so although we've been sorting for months we have made only a small dent. This will be the first visit by the family since then, and I assume that it will be a time to talk about sorting though some of the stuff as well.
I guess that is it for now, more pictures and posts later....

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