Saturday, April 28, 2007

Silly things people do

So why is it that I feel compelled to clean the house from top to bottom before family comes or I have guests? Our house honestly isn't that dirty (especially when you consider we have 3 kids!) but I always feel I must rip the place apart, clean every corner and reassemble it when guests are coming.
Next weekend Glenn's family arrives. They are a great group, really wonderful people who have made me felt like I was a blood realative from the beginning. They dont' judge and I have nothing to prove to them after 10 years of marriage. Yet here I am, washing everything that will fit in the washing machine!
Maybe it is just a good excuse. The house could use dusting off, and since I work better under pressure why not take advantage of the time to get things in order.
Glenn and I took pictures of all Mom's knick knacks today so we can put them on a CD and send them to his brother in California. Its time to start talking about how to divide things up and we know the topic will come up next weekend. We also had the kids go through the massive pile of toys again in hopes that they would get rid of a few things. I'm afraid not much left, but it does look a little better.
Larry came this morning and painted the deck railing for me both upstairs and downstairs. I had gotten one coat on it but it really needed a whole lot more, so now it is set. In 2 more weeks Dave arrives to finish our great deck project. Glenn and I got the upstairs deck replaced with Trex 2 years ago, but we have yet to get the downstairs deck done. We have the lumber in the garage, but Glenn went back to complete his bachelors and all extra work around the house has just had to stop. New daughter, school, and a 50 minute commute each way to work is just more then one man can do! I'm just glad we are finally going to get it done so we can enjoy the back yard again. My plan is to start setting aside a little cash so I can put up a pergola down below near the shop. My azaleas and rhodies are doing good there already, and my climbing trellis is overflowing. I think it would be fun to put some wisteria down there and let it take off. Of course that will mean some back breaking labor as I need to level the area and lay slate, but it would be a good spring project for next year.

Guess that is it from the west coast tonight, time to crash!

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Robin said...

The depth of my cleaning depends on whether they're overnight guests or not, since I can't just shove all that crap into the guest room. Of course, with guests coming from so far away I have to clear out drawers and closet space too, always a fun chore...

PS Love the new digs :).