Saturday, December 8, 2007

Graduation and 19 days till Christmas

Well last night was the big event. DH walked in his graduation. I got off work early, went home and got the kids. The girls were so cute, they each picked their favorite dress (which unfortunately for them was a very cool springlike dress in each case) and then we bundled up and headed to the show. When we got to the parking lot we were greeted by two men in kilts playing bagpipes. We got settled and listened to the commencement ceremony. The speaker was a local politician who owned the Coca Cola company wouth of us in Roseburg. He talked about the 10 things to make you successful. It was interesting, in that a lot of what he said held true. I of course can't tell you all 10, but they were basically, get an education, keep learning, work hard, play hard, take calculated risks, and don't forget to ask for help.
He was a little long-winded but good.
We went to dh's favorite restaurant for dinner. It is a chinese buffett. While I was up getting food, who should I see but dh's best friend who had also graduated. He had a large amount of family come in and they were dining across the restaurant,but we all stopped to visit for a while. It was nice too, he mentioned to me that he and his wife are both going to start the same diet program I'm on come January 1.
Dh started it a few days ago by the way. When you start there is a pretty drastic weight loss. Even more drastic for DH - he has lost 11 pounds in about half a week. He is very pleased. Like me though, he finds it hard to believe that it works.
I got up and worked out again this morning - took most of this week off as I have been fighting a cold.
Tonight is the big holiday party at DH's work. I picked up my new smaller dress last night at the seamstresses house and visited with her. We have a little holiday shopping to do as well, as we count down to Christmas. I think this will be decorating weekend too - I'll post pics after the weekend of all our activities!

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