Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bonjourno from Italia!

Well we made it across the pond in a more southern route than we initiially planned. We flew directly to Rome a few days late, and stayed two nights in the apartment we'd stayed at before. Then it was on to Navigator of the seas for almost 2 weeks. We saw ruins, we saw castles, we saw riots and protests, pyramids, and we all got norovirus. Quite a couple of weeks!
Now we are back in Rome, and only a few days away from re-entering reality. `
The most ironic thing? Its raining. If we didn't have shutters and cobblestones outside, I'd think we were still in Oregon from the weather. We did have glorious weather on the trip on the boat. Even Egypt, known for its hot weather, was a mere 95 degrees at the pyramids (considerably cooler than the summer temps of 120-130!
If you want the complete rundown of the trip, you can read our other site -
See you back in the states soon!

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