Monday, April 19, 2010

Just a little update from the weekend

Ok, so I am going to be a better writer, I really am! This weekend we were supposed to fly to London (along with about what, 180,000 other people) but the big volcano put a dent in our plans! So instead, we stayed home, did some more packing and repacking, and thought about what to fill our time with. One thing that we were going to miss, was my friend K's son's second birthday party. It was ironic really - I missed his birthday while on vacaion, and his first birthday. Thought I was on a roll overall, but I finally got to go to one!
Anyway, my friend K is a WIZ at cakes, she adds a whole new level to it. Amazing woman. This is this year's cake. The sesame street characters are all made of white chocolate - she made them all, then colored them and sculpted the whole thing.
Violet with one of her pretty faces wearing the birthday boys' ribbon!
Emma was happy to finally be one of the big kids (I guess age 5 is closer to 8 than to 2 in the kid pecking order.) They had a terrific time! Here is Emma on the couch watching me.

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