Saturday, February 7, 2009

Let the crazy weekends begin

February is the month of parties at my house. It could be considered the Powell Social Season if we had such a thing.
This weekend we have two parties, neither of which we are hosting. First up tonight is a Chinese New Years Party, followed by a birthday party for one of my girlfriends who turns 50. They are scrunched together timewise, so we'll be leaving early from one and arriving late to the other.
Next weekend is Jakey's Big 7 birthday. We have rented the science factory here in Eugene for a couple hours on Saturday. They will do a crazy experiement, and then we'll stay late and look at the new photos from the Hubble telescope.
Week after its Bounce Gymnastics for Violet. Then our first giant slumber party with 3 kids over. Wonder how I'll survive 6 kids in one house - owwww.
Pictures to come after we survive the first round of parties...

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