Wednesday, June 4, 2008

This is June?

IT is COLD outside, what is up with that? It is june, and we are raining and cold. Not much to talk about lately. We are having sprinklers installed this week at the house and so my yard is all torn up. DH picked up the boat last night, so this weekend maybe I can post entertaining stories about our first voyage out. Hopefully it won't be too hard, we've never launched a boat before so I'm sure if nothing else it will add to our humility.
Back to working out. Just about got rid of the 5 pounds I put on during the weeks before the trip and the weeks we were gone. Want to get rid of lots more.
The kids had an awards assembly today, and Jakey got 'Academic Excellence' award and Vi got a'Respect' award. I'm so proud of them.
Vi is trying to decide if she is ready to do the recital she has next week. It will mean 3 hours of rehersal Monday and 3 more hours Wednesday and a 3 hour performance (mostly waiting in the wings) Friday night. I kinda wnat her to skip it, but of course I can't tell her no. She HATES performing, so I don't see this ending well and I don't really want to spend 9 hours of my life next week waiting on this. Bad Mommy.
More soon.

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